Unleash the power of copy decks to turn your next copywriting project into a win for everyone!
What the HECK is a copy deck?


This FREE training shows copywriters and marketing mavens EXACTLY how to create copy decks that turn EVERY copywriting project into a WOW.

Despite being one of the most valuable tools in a copywriter's tool box, there's a great deal of misunderstanding surrounding copy decks.

This FREE training will dive into:

What copy decks are and how to use them

Who should use copy decks (spoiler: more people than you think)

How copy decks aid your OWN projects (like for YOUR business)

How to start implementing them like yesterday

Plus, you'll get my Copy Deck Template that I use in my business


Nice to meet you! 

I'm Erin Pennings, founder of CopySnacks, and a copywriter and marketing strategist with close to 2 decades of experience.

(and boy is that crazy to say out loud)

From web copy to blogs and sales pages, every project starts with a copy deck. By ensuring you and your client are in alignment you can deliver smooth-sailing successful projects almost every time.

And I'm going to deliver a training that shows you how to set up YOUR copy deck in a way that works for you! 

And... There's MORE

Everyone who JOINS the webinar live, gets a special thank you gift IN ADDITION to the Copy Deck Template and Training.

(We ARE recording this, and everyone who registers will get a small gift, but I truly hope you'll show up live to get the most bang for your time and answers to your questions!)

If you're at ALL considering how you can apply this as you revamp your OWN website, you'll want to tune in.

Sounds Good Right? Don't Miss the REPLAY!
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